2018 Show Dates

Sat May 19 -  El Rancho 

 ***Location Change***Sun July 15 - El Rancho

**Date Change** Sat July 21 - Rushmount Equine Ltd

Sat Aug 25 - Seven Summits Equestrian Centre

Sat Sept 22 - Rushmount Equine Ltd

Sat Oct 13 - CHAMPIONSHIP`S - Rushmount Equine Ltd

NSCS Qualifying Divisions 

 Dressage Hunter/Equitation Jumper

Div.1 - Walk/Trot Dressage
1. Walk/Trot Test A
2. Walk/Trot Test B

Div. 3 - Beginner Division
5. Walk, Trot dressage test(to be posted)
6. Walk, Trot Equitation (can be lead)
7. Equitation over Poles (can be lead)
Div. 7 - 2' - 2'3 Jumper 
17. Open Jumper
18. Speed Class
19. Gambler's Choice

Division 1 will be split if more

 than 12 riders, split will be based

on skill level.
Div. 4 - Crossrail Division
8. Hunter Over Fences 
9. Equitation Over Fences 
10.Hunter Hack
Div. 8 - 2'3 - 2'6 Jumpers
20. Open Jumper
21. Speed Class
22. Gambler's Choice
Div. 2 - Training Dressage
3. Training Test 1
4. Training Test 2

Div. 5 - Novice 2'
11. Hunter Over Fences
12. Equitation Over Fences

13. Hunter Hack

Div. 6 - Open Hunter 2'3-2'6
14. Hunter Over Fences
15. Equitation Over Fences

16. Hunter Hack

Only to run if more than 4 entries

Div. 9 - Open Jumpers (2 height options)
23. Open Jumper
24. Speed Class
25. Gambler's Choice



All Dressage Divisions - $25 per test or $50 division

All Hunter & Jumper Divisions - $20 per class or $50 division

Beginner Division $40.00 


**Please note: Each barn may offer different classes at their individual shows. Any added classes DO NOT qualify for year end awards, only the divisions and classes above qualify.

Online entry form will coincide with each venue for the order they will run divisions. Some venues may run more then one ring, please check results and times prior to show.

 Rider Information

**Pre-Entry closes the Wednesday prior to the show.**

Dressage times will be posted the Friday prior to the show, any riders that are planning to enter at the show or after the pre-entry date will be slotted into a time at the show.


Entry Rules


Memberships must be purchased at the 1st show you attend.

Please make sure you enter the appropriate divisions. 

Division # 3 - Open to all ages. Entire division may be lead. Dressage test will be a shortened pattern.          

Division # 4 - Horse/Rider combination may only show in division #5 or #7. 

Division #9 - Open Jumpers - 2 height options 2'6-3' or 3'-3'3, will be scored and placed together, indicate on entry form which height.

Jumper Division - Open Jumper - all clear rounds proceed to jump off, not immediate.                                                    

Speed - fastest clear round wins          

Gamblers Choice - 45 seconds, you can only jump each jump no more than twice.


You must attend 50% shows to qualify for year end awards. 


Online Entry Form for Rushmount Sept 22nd, 2018